metroSTOR® is the UK’s leading outdoor storage system for the built environment, with products designed to help revitalise the fabric of our urban areas delivering social, economic and environmental value.


For your cycle parking, waste stream enclosures, scooter charging stations and locker units, the metroSTOR® product system is highly configurable for layout and access offering an unrivalled choice of cladding, facades and greenroof. metroSTOR®. Tough. Configurable. Neat.


Fire prevention is integral to metroSTOR® design with reduced risk from products that help cut the number of potential ignition sources, lower fire load and enable clear escape routes.

Lower operating costs result from waste stream enclosures that help simplify facilities management duties by discouraging fly-tipping, avoiding reject bin collections and rubbish chute blockages.

Future-proofing offers added cost-certainty over the long term, and metroSTOR® design enables extension or relocation as site requirements evolve.

Highly configurable for capacity, layout, access, security and finishes, the proven modular system makes for ease of specification.

By delivering attractive and secure neighbourhood environments that residents can be justifiably proud of, metroSTOR helps to create a sense of place.

Where new storage unit facilities make for tidier, safer communal areas and mobility scooter charging stations help users to maintain their independence, enriched lives result from schemes designed to cater for their users’ needs.

At local community level, metroSTOR® can achieve valuable greener results by making household recycling easier and with greenroof options that bring biodiversity into the smallest of spaces.