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Waste Stream Enclosures

The smart appearance and unobtrusive physical profile of wasteSTOR™ enable recycling centres to be located in spaces that may not have previously been considered. Case studies prove that where these facilities are attractive and well-designed there is a positive influence in behaviour. Fly tipping and bulky waste frequently accumulate, especially when collection frequencies have been reduced, and the resultant hot spots can then attract further deposits and anti-social activity, often resulting in heavy clean-up costs, along with the inevitable environmental health issues and customer complaints.

Faced with the challenge of increasing the proportion of waste recycled from larger communal properties, the strategic location of wasteSTOR™ enclosures, sometimes in conjunction with taking ‘chutes’ out of commission, is increasingly considered to be an essential first step. Additionally, wasteSTOR™ apertures that exclude non-recyclable items from recycling bins help to eliminate contamination of these waste streams.

Fire Risk Assessments frequently identify bins close to buildings as a serious risk and wasteSTOR™ is designed to secure waste and recycling bins away from the dwelling ensuring that fire cannot spread in the event of a bin being set alight. Access-controlled fire- resistant enclosures can be specified when the only available location is close to a dwelling.

Designed specifically for challenging urban environments, robust construction and component longevity are metroSTOR® product fundamentals. Galvanised steel frame with highly durable coatings, heavy duty moving parts and low-maintenance cladding materials are proven to ensure many years of trouble-free service.

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waste stream enclosure drawing

wasteSTOR® units help control waste-streams with robust enclosures for all standard bin sizes

PBL wasteSTOR™

For 140L-360L Wheeled Bins

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Their compact and unobtrusive form enables PBL units to be conveniently located close to entrances or in communal gardens, making them easily accessible to users. Designed to fit closely around standard two-wheeled bins, material can be loaded without opening the door, keeping the waste stream unit secure. More information on PBL wasteSTOR >

PBM wasteSTOR™

For 660L-1280L Wheeled Bins

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PBM units enclose your four wheeled waste and recycling bins leaving no space for refuse to be deposited outside of the receptacle provided. Warden or specific resident controlled door systems keep the bin secure while the door aperture and locking options prevent unauthorised usage or contamination of recyclables containers. More information on PBM wasteSTOR >

PBH wasteSTOR™

Walk-In Bin Rooms

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For communities with restricted access to bin areas, PBH bin rooms can be configured for your combination of wheeled and stacking bin types within a single secure enclosure. F Series PBH is designed for front loading of bins by residents, and the E series units for end loading where waste streams are warden controlled. More information on PBH wasteSTOR >

PBE wasteSTOR™

Bin Storage Visual Screen

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Where the primary function of a bin enclosure is visual screening, PBE is the cost efficient, tough and stylish solution. The bolt-down modular system compares favourably in price with fencing systems commonly used for this purpose, whilst being much more resistant to damage and also re-configurable as requirements change.  More information on PBE  wasteSTOR >

“An exemplar project, one which we will look to replicate wherever we have similar issues across the District. The enclosures look fantastic so we could locate them right where residents walk; they like using them so we are now getting much better recycling rates.
Ben Eales, Surveyor, Red Kite Community Housing

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