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Cycle Parking

cycleSTOR™ is a complete range of storage products designed to comprehensively address the lack of secure cycle parking at home, at work and on the move with innovative solutions comprised of individual lockers, secure compact stores and cycle hub buildings.

External cycle storage provision at home must be of a flexible design for effective use of limited space in the urban landscape without compromising style and security. This provision is doubly important to avoid cycle storage in communal areas where expensive redecoration costs can occur in addition to the creation of unacceptable obstructions to fire escape routes.

For cycle storage at work; cycle STOR stands, racks and carousels can all be installed within our modular canopies and enclosures. These can be specified with a number of options available for roofing, enclosure and layout type, finishes and access control providing real single source solutions.

From transit shelters to cycle hubs, cycleSTOR™ provides for on the move cycle storage offering both modular value and high-specification bespoke design including e-bike charging systems.

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cycleSTOR® for bespoke cycle parking solutions with efficiency of modular build

PCL cycleSTOR™

Single compartment cycle parking

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PCL is an individual locker providing cyclists with high levels of security in an attractive and cost-efficient design. Compact dimensions, ease of use with integral wheel channel ensuring cycle can be stored away quickly and in an upright position, together with choice of finish options make PCL an obvious choice. More information on PCL cycleSTOR >


Compact Cycle Store

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Where available width is the limiting factor for your cycle storage PCMF units with their semi-vertical cycle racks provide outstanding space efficiency in a compact footprint. Modular design lets you choose panel design, access systems and even greenroof options. More information on PCM cycleSTOR >

PCH cycleSTOR™

Cycle Storage Hub

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Providing cycle parking facilities within a centrally located hub building, PCH uses the metroSTOR® modular design with a wide choice of cladding or glazing panels. The ‘S’ Series PCH is configured with access to single row of cycle stands from a side aisle door position while the ‘C’ Series PCH has double rows of racks accessed from the central aisle for greater capacity. More information on PCH cycleSTOR >

“Cheltenham Borough Homes have installed a number of units over the past 12 months. We consider them to be an excellent product and have found them to be very effective […]”
Steve Rosagro – Building Surveyor, Cheltenham Borough Homes

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