Frequently Asked Questions

Do metroSTOR® units require planning permission?

Although they are removable structures it is best to check with your local planning authority as many of them consider that planning consent is required.

What warranty do I get on my metroSTOR® unit?

Each metroSTOR® product comes with a 5 year replacement parts warranty.

Can you help with storage space planning?

Our technical advisers are always willing to assist you in finding the best product or configuration, and will be delighted to send CAD blocks and NBS specifications as required.

Is a concrete base required?

The units require solid concrete to fix the baseplates into, although existing sound paving can often be left in place.

What is the typical lead time from order?

6 weeks maximum, although many of our best-selling models will be available from stock.

How long do the units take to install?

Rarely more than an hour or two.

How quickly can I get replacement parts?

Components will be delivered next day and are simple for you to fit yourself.

How do metroSTOR® products reduce fire risk?

They provide a safe place to store combustible items away from dwellings.

How do metroSTOR® products actually reduce costs?

Clients have found that they significantly reduce the incidence of fly-tipping and reject bins.

What is the fire-rating of a metroSTOR® unit?

The primary objective is to secure items at a safe distance from dwellings so that lives are not endangered in the event of a fire occurring. They can be clad with fire-resistant materials if required due to a lack of available space.

Will a metroSTOR® Waste Stream Enclosure unit prevent fly-tipping?

Most fly-tipping occurs because of a lack of suitable facilities; behaviour generally starts to change once these are provided.

How can electricity usage be measured?

Individual meters can be fitted but the cost far exceeds that of the actual electricity used by the average mobility scooter user, even without factoring in administration costs.

What electrical supply is required?

A 20A supply is required for charging mobility scooters.

Can I have solar panels for scooter charging?

We have not yet found a reliable and economic method for storing electricity produced in the daytime for charging at night; typical UK sunlight levels don’t help either!

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