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Greenroof Storage Units

Wild® Greenroof Systems can be specified on most types of metroSTOR® product. The places where we work, study, play, care and are cared for are full of opportunities to bring the enriching and enlightening natural world closer to our everyday lives and Wild® Greenroof Systems provide a great opportunity to create these pockets of biodiversity within the same footprint as your storage unit.

The compact and unobtrusive design of our L and M Series units allow these to be conveniently located close to entrances or in communal gardens, greatly improving the visual appearance of the area without compromising accessibility for site users.

The Wild® sedum greenroof used on L and M Series units is an extensive system, meaning that it has a shallow substrate which is relatively lightweight and capable of supporting drought tolerant species such as low-growing mosses and sedums. Installed as a pre-established turf, there are minimal establishment issues and on-going maintenance requirements are limited to annual weed removal.More information on Wild Greenroof for L/M Series >

H Series storage buildings with WILD® greenroof system enable you to make a definitive visible statement on the commitment of your organisation to safeguarding our environment and its fragile ecosystems.

Wild® biodiverse greenroof used on the H Series storage buildings is an intensive system boasting wildflowers, particularly those native to calcareous grassland, along with sedums, giving a more diverse sward and greatly extended flowering season. The spectacular flower display is very attractive to bees and butterflies, and leaving the vegetation uncut during the winter provides a food source for seed- eating birds and shelter for a wide range of invertebrates.  More information on Wild Greenroof for H Series >

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Wild® Greenroof enables your storage units to make a meaningful contribution to the local environment

With biodiversity being high on the agenda of the Myatt’s Field North project as well as being integral to the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements, we required innovative ways of introducing biodiversity into the residential areas. It was then that the metroSTOR cycle units with the greenroof option was chosen to not only provide green roofs to the cycle stores, but to ensure they integrated attractively into the environmental fabric of the area.
PRP Architects, Myatts Field North Regeneration.

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