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Scooter Charging Stations

scooterSTOR™ charging stations are a modular product system providing compliant, secure storage and charging for any number of mobility scooters.
With the Fire Safety considerations surrounding mobility scooter storage and charging paramount, scooterSTOR™ is designed to remove this fire hazard from dwellings and communal areas. The 2005 Fire Safety Act confers a responsibility on Landlords to eliminate such fire hazards, which includes the exclusion of combustible material from communal areas such as this storage and charging of mobility scooters. In addition to giving off fumes while being charged, mobility scooters are a potential source of ignition, they release large volumes of toxic smoke and gases if involved in a fire and can compromise means of escape.
The attractive appearance and simple to use features of scooterSTOR make the unit ideal for locating close to building entrances where easy access by users with limited mobility is essential, and from single locker type to communal unit for multiple vehicles, each scooterSTOR provides the same robust functionality.

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scooterSTOR® provides space-efficient, mobility scooter storage with user-friendly integral battery charging

PSL scooterSTOR™

Locker Type Charging Station

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An individual charging station for class 1, class 2 mobility scooter or electric wheelchairs, the PSL has a low overall height and choice of finishes to suit locations in front of domestic properties including under windows. PSL units are supplied pre-wired with a charging point, interior lighting and a powered lift for the rear hinged roof section.  More information on PSL scooterSTOR >

PSM scooterSTOR™

Drive-In Charging Station

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PSM is the ‘drive-in’ unit designed to provide users with secure, easy to use storage and charging of their class 2 or class 3 mobility scooters, protected at all times from the elements yet within a compact footprint. The low-profile design means that PSM can still be located close to buildings without undue visual impact. More information on PSM scooterSTOR >

PSH scooterSTOR™

Communal Charging Hub

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Designed as a Communal Hub, PSH is specified where there is a requirement for a number of class 2 and 3 scooters to be stored and charged with sufficient space available in a single accessible location. PSH units are highly configurable for layout, charging points, access control options and also roof and cladding types. More information on PSH scooterSTOR >

“We have been using metroSTOR charging stations on our sheltered schemes at Stonewater for two years now; we chose the units originally because the scalable concept allowed us to reduce costs by simply dropping in the required number of attractively-styled, robust modules to each scheme rather than designing a bespoke solution time after time. I am pleased to report that the units are performing very well and we have been particularly impressed with the high level of service given by metroSTOR with their comprehensive installation package.”
Glenn Loftus – Stonewater

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